I’d love to hear from others on this path. I don’t meet many who read ancient texts, who understand thoughts create things, who are prepared to use that other 90% of our brains. I would love to FIND MY TRIBE. If this is you and you’re seeking higher ground let’s connect. Please share your story. Also, feel free to contact me with comments, questions or encouragement!

If you’re feeling like you are struggling in quick sand going nowhere, hurting from situations life has dealt you, unsure of where to go or how to get there but certain this isn’t how you want your life to be, I can help. I’ve been where you are. I’ve navigated through the darkest times, and I can help you not only survive but THRIVE!

I have scoured the Earth (and Heavens) searching for answers to life’s questions, and on the way I’ve learned powerful tools from master teachers, I’ve honed those skills through experience, and I genuinely care. I want you to walk out into the world and be boldly, authentically, and unapologetically the MAGNIFICENT self you are destined to be.  You can do anything. Life is meant to be great!

Please visit me at my other homes out in cyberspace also:

Society tells us that people who make a certain amount of money, look a certain way, or follow a certain dogma are the ones who matter, who have the INfluence. Media promotes this view by glamorizing the external. There are so many heroes in the world who work hard at their passions. We see the rewards of success, but no one discusses the struggle. If we understand how to achieve mastery and not give up before our miracle reveals itself, the world will be filled with people living their dreams, couples living in harmony, and societies living in peace. Everything in nature takes nurture; listen in to the show and learn how to achieve OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS. Kudos to the new “IN-crowd.” Click the link to access these soul-stirring INNER-views!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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