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Becoming Your Husband’s Mistress

500x500_3274330_fileI am someone who asks a lot of questions, but I also seek the answers. This inevitably leads to more questions, but such is life. I found this lady on one of my quests to be prepared to be the best mate I could be for my chosen partner. Her book called “Becoming Your Husband’s Mistress” takes a much different take on the topic then what I was expecting. Click the link to listen in to her mini seminar about the topic.

A lot of ladies in the women’s group I founded heard this interview. I noticed that one woman (unmarried) who listened in had posted and promoted it on her Facebook page; however, it was mysteriously removed a few days later. I didn’t say anything, but when I saw her again the topic came up.

She said that she was mad for days because of the content of the interview. She said women should put their children before their husbands because children are the future. She also said that the interpretation of Biblical verses presented is misogynistic and that women were judges and in other high positions in Biblical days. I kind of feel like this is the author’s point though. In between child rearing, career building, and shifting gender roles the mistress will slide right in and do what you’re unwilling (or unable to do) because you’ve spread yourself too thin or put other priorities before your role as a wife. Yes, men have roles too, and should never betray their marriage, but this was a class for women. She wasn’t teaching women how to beat the mistress or view her as some external competition, she was teaching us how to internalize the positive traits the mistress is perceived to embody (adventurous, confident, supportive, etc.) and make her a non factor. It’s actually empowering in my opinion. The other feedback that came in was overwhelmingly in support of the “mistress class.” The majority of the women (who were married) loved what they heard and while there were points that they may not have agreed with, they accepted the overall message.

The roles of women and men especially in today’s modern society is such a divisive topic! I’d love to hear feedback about what people think. Please click the link above to take a listen and message me.