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My mom went to hear Edwene Gaines speak. Above is a past video found online, so you can see her in action. I’ve heard her before also, and she is amazing! She went from hole-in-her-shoes poverty to now being able to travel the world and live on 30 acres of land. She is also hilarious and brutually honest. Here is a snippet of the many things she had to teach:


1. In a notebook dedicated to your goal setting program, write down all of your desires no matter how large or small

2. Choose the 12 most important desires and write them down in order of importance. Be very specific.

3. Be open and receptive to change. Ask, “What must I change about myself in order to achieve my goals?” 

4. Determine the date by which you want to achieve your goal.

5. Read your goals at least 3 times every morning and evening.

6. Imagine yourself achieving each goal.

7. Accept your success now. Act as if you had already achieved.

8. Don’t tell others. Keep your goals private, except for a select few who are supportive of your dream.

9. Cross off goals as they are achieved and add new ones.

10. Remember, God’s highest law is LOVE.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels wondering why your blessing hasn’t come, this checklist is a great way to help you focus and take stock of what you’ve really been doing to advance towards your goals. I think #3 is where many of us get stuck. We fantasize about the rewards but aren’t trying to do the work. Or, we do the work but engage in behaviors that undermine our efforts.

Ask yourself if you’re able to make changes. If you feel you have nothing about ourself to change, maybe that’s an area of potential change right there lol, self awareness. Also, if your list of things you think you must change before making your dreams come to life is too long, that’s also an imbalance. In the past I have fallen into the latter camp of over analyzing and trying to be a perfectionist, but like Nike we gotta “Just Do It!”

So, out of your 12 most important goals, what was your #1 one?