Definition of SPRAWL intransitive verb

1 a archaic : to lie thrashing or tossing about b : to creep or clamber awkwardly

2 : to lie or sit with arms and legs spread out

3 : to spread or develop irregularly or without restraint


Hi there, I’m glad you found me! We were meant to meet. I started this blog as a way to chronicle my elusive search for… Purpose? Passion? Love? I’m not sure really. I just had the feeling of wanting something MORE. And it wasn’t more shoes! It’s a deeper soul stirring.

I’ve realized that so many people are feeling the same gnawing telling them that things in their lives or in the world should be better, but they aren’t sure what to do about it. So, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’m a researcher, a thinker, a seeker, and I’ve learned a plenty in my studies. By sharing my story, I hope to help and attract like minds.

I followed the societally acceptable path:  Received my undergrad degree from one of the top schools in the country, finished with honors from graduate school, played violin, stayed out of trouble, kept my skirt down–I did everything an acceptable female in society should do. I just forgot to do me.

There’s a great quote, “pain pushes until vision pulls.” Well, eventually, I got that universal shove, and a kick in the ribs and a punch in the gut to boot. Everything I believed in, everything I dreamed about, everything I waited on…and obtained…was ripped away from me. They weren’t the things of the world that can be bought; they were creations of the heart, things that are supposed to be in your life forever. I cried the tears, the soul-wrenching kind that bring you to your knees gripping the furniture to keep from drowning.

And then I stopped.

When the tears dried and the blurriness of my vision subsided, I saw clearly. What I realized is that I didn’t lose anything. I gained myself. And I love her! What lies before me is a new path, uncharted territory, but through the lessons I’ve learned, I’ve been armed with a stockhold of tools to navigate the terrain ahead.

I’ve always had that Indiana Jones spirit in me, but fear has held me back far too long. This blog is part diary, part magazine, and part crusade! I am determined live my purpose in my life–the thing I was uniquely sent here to do. I believe there are sooo many other people out there wandering that we can journey this uncertainty together so it won’t feel so lonely. And please, when the darkness becomes blinding, allow me to serve as a beacon of light…

As we get to know one another through this quest, I’ll tell you my story. The past one that is; however, it’s the one that I’m creating as we go along that will be the most magnificent. Get quiet just for a second. Can you hear it? It started as a whisper, but it’s intensifying to a roar saying NOW is our time.

Join me as I embark on this “sprawl” to discover the meaning of life as well as find meaning in my life, and the detours I take along the way! I hope to cross paths with you out there 😉

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS SITE?”

  1. Dr. Jeri said:

    We are kindred spirits! Can you tell me where in the world you are located?

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